How to Make a Bouquet of Flowers

Taking flowers from your garden or picking them in the wild is so much more satisfying than buying a bunch from the store or florist's. It is certainly a lot more economical, as well.

Another option is to purchase flowers from the florists that have not yet been arranged into a bouquet, and arranging them as you see fit. Here are some options when creating your own bouquet.

  • Color. You can go all one color, which is always lovely, and make a big statement. One of my favorite ways of playing this up is to go all one color, but with various kinds of flowers in that color. If using several colors, I think it best to not choose more than three different colors in one bouqet. Any more than three, and it becomes, loud, splashy, with none of the colors able to stand out and make an impact.

  • Length. A small, short bouquet in an old mason jar is a lovely, kitsch and cozy gift. If you have a long, thin vase, then longer flowers in a smaller amount can be quite pretty.

  • The details. As I mentioned previously, a mason jar makes a lovely vase for handpicked flowers. But you could put some in small, ornate boxes, spread out across a basket, wrapped in tissue paper, or wrapped up in twine and ribbon. The details speak volumes in terms of the thought put into your arrangement. Be creative, and the person receiving the flowers are sure to notice.

  • Care. Be sure to cut the stems of the flowers at a 45 degree angle. This will keep them alive for longer, as the ends are fresher and a larger surface is able to absorb water. Also a must - remove all and any thorns. Also remove leaves near the bottoms of the stems, so the flowers can sit comfortably in their vase. This is especially important with a clear vase. Leaves crowding messily in the water will be seen and not look as well put together.

Whatever type of bouquet you decide to make, flowers always make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Who doesn't love receiving flowers, whatever the occasion? You are sure to bring a smile to their face.

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Posted on Mar 25, 2010